Dev-Europe mail list

What is "dev-europe" for?

The list has evolved mainly to service announcements (meetings and jobs) and (more occasionally) calls for help (references, tools, contacts).  It has not functioned as a forum for extended discussion. 


Mechanics of mail traffic

If you send a mailing to this list you can normally expect one or two error messages to follow.  These only mean that your message has not reached the one or two people that are referred to in the text of these error reports. (It does not mean that your message has failed to reach the whole list - it will have).  Ignore these.  They are my (charles.crook @ problem and I will take the individual problem addresses out of the list myself.  Email addresses are still very unstable and I do not have the resources to investigate failures when they occur. I simply remove the problem names. If you feel you are not getting mail any more then contact me - your own address may have gone through a temporary failing period and you got removed with no notice.  It has to be this way!

Only people on the list are able to mail to the list. Moreover, the list is quite literal in checking your identity to approve your sent mail - this may matter if you have more than one acceptable syntax for your address.

Please do not send the list owner requests to mail items on your behalf. Join yourself or ask an existing member to send it - and, implicitly therefore, to endorse it.

How to join

If you are researcher or teacher in the area of developmental psychology based in Europe then you may register for this mail list. Send a request specifying your institutional email address, your full name, and confirmation of research/teaching status in developmental to [charles.crook @] who will add your name to the current dev-europe membership list.  Please do not mail subscription (or other list admin) material to the "dev-europe" mailname itself - as it will needlessly go to the full membership.

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